Carbon-14 and Iodine-129 Migration in Cement (CIM) - Experiment programme

The working programme comprises of the following steps:

Step 1: Finalise experimental design

Step 2: Drill needed boreholes and install initial condition monitoring

Step 3: Develop and construct the experimental equipment (packer system, surface equipment)

Step 4: Emplace circulation interval

Step 5: Start circulation and monitoring

Step 6: Overcore and post-mortem analysis

The project relies largely on experience acquired with previous projects using radionuclides at GTS (LTD, CFM) and will benefit from the lessons learned of these projects with respect to borehole and surface equipment and sampling.

The GTS underground facilities are also available to interested 3rd parties for underground testing and research. The GTS offers cost-effective access to a fully developed, well characterised underground research facility with round the year logistical support - please contact Dr. Ingo Blechschmidt, Head of the Grimsel Test Site, for further details.