Currently, fibre optic sensors are under in-situ investigation by DBE TECHNOLOGY in a sedimentary environment (Konrad mine) and in a salt environment (Morsleben) in Germany. Here at the GTS, fibre optic sensors have been installed in the sand/bentonite buffer and backfill of the Gas Migration Test (GMT). Two humidity sensors and one total pressure cell are installed in the sand/bentonite buffer (Layer12). Two temperature sensors, a humidity sensor and temperature sensor are installed in the backfill (Layer13 : sand layer).

FOM - Cross section of GMT
Vertical cross-section of the GMT engineered barrier system

FOM - Location of senders
Location of senders

FOM - pore water, temperature and humidity sensors Photo of pore water pressure, temperature and humidity sensors installed in the backfill (Layer13)
FOM - total pressure cell Photo of total pressure cell and humidity sensor installed in sand/bentonite buffer (Layer12)



Fibre Optic Monitoring (FOM)