The current planning horizon for Phase 2 is until 2013 (discussion about extension of the project has started already) and includes the overcoring of the final (“hot”) emplacement experiment, data analysis and reporting.

The experiment programme form 2009 to 2011 emphasised:

  • The completion of site characterisation and of the preparation activities (monitoring and autosampler etc.)
  • The finalisation of the experiment design, the laboratory and mock-up studies, combined with field tests to characterise the source zone and considerations of colloid migration/filtration
  • Additional migration experiments including tests with colloids and radionuclides

The experiment programme for 2012 and onwards focuses on the long-term emplacement and migration experiment with nearfield/farfield monitoring, followed by overcoring and detailed analysis of source.

A possible extension of the project is under discussion among the partners organisations.

The programme has been implemented in these main 2009/2010 field activities:

  • Manufacturing and installation of new hydraulic donut packers to replace the Bullflex packers
  • Detailed surveys in the proposed bentonite emplacement borehole to localise the target water conducting feature
  • Installation of borehole and surface equipment, mostly for sampling and monitoring
  • Bentonite source design
  • Point dilution and homologue tracer tests

Current Partners and Contributors

Colloid Formation and Migration Members and Contributors
CFM Team at KAERI's K.U.R.T. in Korea, April 2010


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